Meet the Interns!

BY Devon Gleed & Kyla Ames

We have two terrific interns working with us this summer.  We don’t always do this, most of the time we don’t hire interns because they can be more work than they contribute.  But, when talent presents itself, we try to be opportunistic about it.  We chose them because they’re self starters, hard workers, mature, smart and thoughtful and we thought they’d be a good fit with the rest of the people at Dashboard who share those characteristics.  Both Devon and Kyla were impressive from the outset and started contributing immediately.  We’ve enjoyed having them on the team and getting to know them. Meet Devon and Kyla…

A little about yourself:


I’m 20 years old, a Capricorn, and a 3rd year Communications student at Brock University. I have 2 older brothers, and couldn’t imagine life without my family and friends (not sure I could live without coffee or my phone either). My favourite food is salads of any kind, but I’m a sucker for a good cupcake…I guess they balance each other out. I love cottaging, and although I wish I could say I was a photographer, the closest I get is Instagram and Pinterest. One of the most interesting experiences I’ve had was two years ago when I travelled to Africa and helped a community build a school house, and volunteered at an orphanage.


I’m 19 years old, which makes me the baby of the office, even though this is my 2nd summer as a Dashboard intern.  I’m studying General Arts at Laurier, and when I graduate I hope to pursue a career in marketing. I’m addicted to comfy shoes, and couldn’t live without my Toms. I’d also be lost without my phone, computer, and tea. I could, however, live without snakes. Anywhere. They terrify me. In my free time I like to kick it old school – my favorite TV shows include Saved by the Bell and The O.C., the only video game I can play is Mario Kart, and am slightly obsessed with the Backstreet Boys (don’t judge).

Why did you choose Dashboard to do your internship?

Devon: I chose Dashboard because of the amazing creativity and wide range of clients that Dashboard has. I also loved the environment of the office when I first saw it a year ago – it was fun, funky and open. No one was stuck in a cubical, forced to work in silence – something I’m personally not too good at.

Kyla: I don’t know if it’s right to say that I chose Dashboard, but rather that I fell into this amazing company as a result of an opportunity I was given to briefly help out here last summer.   As a returning summer student I am thrilled to be back.  I loved the atmosphere of the company as well as their unique, casual and comfortable work environment.

What are you most excited about?

Devon: I’m excited to work at Dashboard because I know I’m going to receive hands on experience, which I probably would not have received a lot of somewhere else. My first week here, I was given tasks that I never thought I’d get, and I learned small things that have already helped me a lot. I know that by the end of the summer I’ll go back to school with the confidence and knowledge I need to further succeed in my studies. Yet I know that in my time here at Dashboard I will learn things that no classroom could ever teach me, because the hands on experience will help me for the rest of my life.
I guess you could also say I’m also excited to experience a few more burrito Fridays.

Kyla: I’m excited to work at Dashboard because of the inspiring and creative people that are employed here.  After being briefed on the wide range of projects I will be assisting on this summer, I can confidently say I will come out of this internship with a whole new perspective and insight into the world of marketing.  The opportunities/ projects that I have worked on so far have been amazing and have taught me so much.  I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity for a second year.

What do you hope to learn while you’re interning at Dashboard?

Devon: One word. DIGITAL. This industry is booming and it’s not stopping anytime soon so to be able to work with an agency that has so much digital expertise is amazing for me. Being able to go back to school with more knowledge in this field of marketing and to have a better idea of what I want to do when I graduate from school is exciting to think about. My time here has already shown me what the industry is like, and so far I really enjoy it. It’s easy to do so when you work with such fantastic people. I’ve been so surprised with the work and the opportunities that I’ve been given. As an intern you don’t expect to sit in on meetings and have people ask your opinion. I’ve been able to listen to creative ideas, work on websites, and engage one on one with clients to help them have a better understanding of the Glovebox CMS. I’m very thankful for these opportunities and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn as much as I can about this industry and the business environment as a whole. So far so good

Kyla: I must say that having only being here a few weeks, change is the one thing that is constant.  The rate at which projects come in and are completed is amazing.  The team here works hard, and plays hard.  Being able to work and learn in this fast- paced industry will definitely increase my understanding of the industry in ways I could only imagine.  This short time has already greatly expanded my knowledge of the business world and must say, I am really enjoying it.   This opportunity has and will continue to give me a real- life look at what I am being taught in school, and will give me something to aspire to when I am done. I hope to learn anything and everything about the business as a whole over my next few months here.


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