Dashmates: Haaaaave you met Dave?

BY Dashboard

We recently welcomed David Nicholls to the Dashboard family as our new Director of Strategy and Client Engagement. Get to know Dave a little bit better with his Dashmates profile.

Name: David Nicholls


Height: 5’7”

Diet: Flexitarian

Age: Older than you think

Sign: Scorpio

Body Type: A, I think

Drink of Choice: Beer by day, Vino by night

Cat or Dog Person: Cat

Position: Director of Strategy and Client Engagment

A Wee Bit about Me: Born in England, raised near Toronto, purple in my veins, warrior of single track, passion to ski, desire to surf, gearboy, Mac addict, music lover

The First Thing People Notice about Me: I’m tall

On a Typical Evening, I am: Hanging with the wifee on the deck

The Four Things I Could Never Live Without: music, camera, sunglasses, beer

If I Were A Flavour of Ice Cream, I Would Be: Pralines n’ Cream


Book: Siddhartha

Movie: Blade Runner

TV Show: Arrested Development

Band: Radiohead

Food: Fish n’ Chips

Video Game: Golden Tee

  • 04/08/12

    Goner says:

    Hey Julian!There isn't any built-in funcionality for this.Anyway, if you don't wanna recoftar my code, you can just dispatch the maximed button click event.1) Set in identifier for the POD you wanna maximize. Let's say it's pod1 2) In the application's initialize event, distapatch the event below:initialize="pod1.maximizeButton.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent(MouseEvent.CLICK))"Let me know if it works for you.Thanks for your visit.Regards,Pablo Souza.