Why do banners suck the creative life out of you?

BY barry hillier

It used to be that Direct Mail was one of the loneliest creative jobs you could ever find yourself doing. That was up until the advent of the banner ad. After all, how could you do anything remotely interesting, let alone creative, in a Leader Board or a Big Box. Online media is something that you just get done, not done well. Send us the production specs and timelines and put it all in the production line. When it’s over, clock out, grab a beer and set your mind on something interesting with real creative potential. That’s right, creative potential. And if you are our competition, please continue to think this way.

Why? Because it’s wrong to think that online media is a creative Bermuda Triangle when online media, including banners, offer tremendous creative flexibility and opportunity.

A banner ad for Tetley Tea that mirrors steeping tea when you engage it.

The real key for success is to know the medium and understanding that online media isn’t locked into a straight banner ad. It is an unlimited canvas that can be stretched and molded any way your imagination can take you. There are opportunities to re-skin an entire web page so that your brand truly owns every pixel. You can use interactivity to create engaging experiences including games, art, polls, contests… anything can be crafted within the actual media placement and before you click-through to the destination site. You can even serve banners in many spaces that go beyond the internet, including live in-game advertising where you can reach consumers within a video game environment as they are playing.

Powerful communication can show product benefits while getting attention

While the online media environment can be a challenging one, it can offer great potential when developed well. But this is no different than realizing that radio and billboards are difficult to craft, but when they are done well, wow… they are powerful.

Demonstrating how much gum you get through an interactive game.

Welcome to the banner world where a bad banner is easily ignored but a great banner not only captures your attention, but keeps you engaged and involved. But if you’re our competition, banners really do suck.


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  • 18/09/12

    Jaqueline says:

    8:23 am by How about some banners you can email to those of us in those cntiuroes that don't have the ability to order your fun designs. I want banners of the YW values. A possibility?