Top 5 Internet Dinosaurs.

BY chris obergfell

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I was originally going to do this top 5 post on some of the best places to scope out the coolest, most innovative and beautifully designed destinations the web has to offer. The more I put some thought into it I began to think… what fun is that? So I did a complete 180 and did a little bit of research seeking out the roots of which the Internet was built on. Some of the oldest sites around, the forefathers, the originators and all I can say is… we have come a long way.

1. Internet Explorer is Evil
Hailing from 1998 this site dedicates itself to its creator’s hatred of Internet Explorer. Complete with flaming IE logos, animated gifs and a list of 100 ways Bill Gates should die, this site has it all. This guy must have been some sort of prophet, a programming Nostradamus… since all you have to do to make a developer cry is say “IE 6”

2. The Klingon Language Institute
Created in 1996…. Still active, still looks the same… seems about right.

3. Dinosauria
In 1995 this site was pretty awesome! It has an unconventional interface for its day and a textured background complete with some pretty awesome photo galleries. It works in both Netscape 4.5 and IE 4.0, and best of all it has a web ring, remember those?

4. Surfing the Internet
In 1995 the Internet was a confusing place, good thing we had John Oliver an Astronomy Professor at the University of Florida to help guide the way. Broken into two areas “An Introduction to Internet Surfing” and “Advanced Internet Surfing” John has all the bases covered… probably could have done without the picture though.

5. The Hall
1995 also brought us the first attempt at Internet gaming. This thing is just confusing and strange. You click doors, click floors, and then get stickers? This is definitely the product of way too much Dungeons & Dragons and not enough sunlight.

Like looking at pictures from the past and saying “what was I thinking” these sites are proof of how far we have come. But I’m sure the day will come when we look back at all of our work, things we are doing at this very moment that will trigger the inevitable face palm.


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