Tell Me a Story

BY Erin Mckeever

At the heart of all good branding is good storytelling. And consumers are an important part of shaping and evolving a brand’s story over time. More and more, we are seeing brands inviting their fans and followers to share their stories and feedback through a variety of social media channels and campaigns, and now there’s a new social media tool that’s helping bring those stories together.

Storify is a platform that allows individuals and brands to create stories that pull in content not only from their own social media channels, but also from the consumer chatter that is happening across the digital universe. It launched in public beta about a year ago, and brands like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gawker, and even the White House have been quick to adopt this new opportunity to tell their stories. From debate on public issues, to discussion on current events, and feedback on brand experiences, I’ve fallen in love with this crowd sourcing storytelling tool. It’s easy to sign up, easy to use, and interesting to browse.

Despite all the wonderful things I’ve found in this application, there are a couple of difficulties

  1. Discovery is a little bit challenging – you can search for keywords and see a random selection of featured users, but unlike with Twitter, you are not able to look for members that speak to specific categories of information.
  2. Copyright could be an issue. There is an ongoing question of privacy when it comes to social media, and although this application is drawing on publicly available data (and giving credit to the “original” author), I have to wonder if this will become a challenge as brands begin to leverage that content for financial gain.

All in all, I love what this tool has to offer, and see immediate opportunity for brands to get on board. But, as with any new communications venture, don’t jump in blindly – think strategy, and think sustainability. Want to talk? Give us a call