Storytelling – 05.18.11

BY David Han

Storytelling  - Dashboard Digital Agency Blog

A few weekends back, I joined and celebrated the birthdays of two of my closest friends all in one night. It was a memorable night filled with stories that made you laugh with tears. And as I look back and think about the nostalgic night, what really stood out was our ability to tell some very captivating stories.

So how does any of this relate to what we do here at Dashboard, and more specifically to me as the new User Experience Design Director?

Well, I think it’s my role to find the attributes that create a good story and then create it for our clients and teams to tell. I guess in business speak, my job is to create the value proposition that make the communication of that value proposition worth while and successful.

Going back to telling stories, I’d like to introduce a mini-series in our Dashboard blog titled Storytelling. And for this week, let me share with you some of the ways in which a story can be and have been told in a very visceral manner. Enjoy!

SXSW: Social Media Data Visualization

A great review of the Social Media Data Viz panel at SXSW by notable speakers from Jess3, Foursquares, and

Japan Quake Information Design

To better our understanding of the tragic quake that befell Japan in March, a series of information graphics have surfaced over the past few weeks that map the nuances of the event against a timeline in their own distinct style and perspective.

RSA Animate

The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (RSA) is the body that create the RSA Animate shorts. Some of the most controversial and influential social, political, and humanism concepts have been visualized in a distinct hand-drawn style that makes the heart of the story come alive, literally.

If you have come across any stories that’s been told from a unique lens or in a distinct visual style, we would love to hear from you.