Stop Laughing at My Blackberry – Digital Dealer Conference Day 2

BY brent wees

Day 2 of the Digital Dealer Conference is always the fullest day for attendees in regards to the full schedule of seminars, roundtables, workshops and demo time with vendors. Although “Team Canada” (as I have nicknamed our group of Canadian dealers) was traversing Day 1 of the conference as more of a larger unit, we all have seemed to have our own agendas set for the day. I have spent the morning alone, selecting the sessions I want to attend and downing a mixture of fruit smoothies and 5 Hour Energy drinks. It makes me feel like a Tour de France racer (without all the illegal drugs in my system).

Hitting the opening session I try to concentrate the content but am hung up on the poor use of presentation graphics for such a large room. I tweet a suggestion that maybe the presenters should attend a session on making their presentation slides engaging. Apparently my sarcastic remark has legs as Kevin Frye singles me out in an afternoon session to check with me on the quality of his slides. He gets a pass, mainly because he used a photo of Tim Curry as Pennywise from the Stephen King Movie “IT”, terrible movie but the most terrifying clown ever. EVER.

Opening session aside, I can claim a “dud” free day; Shaun Raines, Kevin Frye, Jerry Thibeau and Heather McKinnon all delivered great content. Jerry’s live mystery shop of the audience’s stores was really entertaining. Team Canada regrouped by the end of the day and hit the Vendor Expo one last time to get in some demos before the teardowns begin tomorrow in earnest.

We lost half of our group throughout the day as folks started to catch flights back home, meetings to attend, cars to sell. The remainder of the group stayed on the resort and had another amazing dinner filled with a combination of shop talk, name calling and lots of laughs. All this warm weather and good food can’t be good for anyone. My feel good moment of the day was when one of our clients, Glen, committed another store from his group to our Glovebox V2 web system. He stated that the content from his morning session proved that he needs to innovate sooner rather than later. His confidence in our product and approach really made my day.

Ahead tomorrow is a very quick half day of sessions before the resort becomes a bit of a ghost town as the car dealer population thins radically. I however will decompress by the pool in the afternoon with the gang who aren’t flying out until Friday. Seeing that tomorrow is my birthday I think it’s well deserved! I wonder if room service has ice cream cake???

Today’s Highlight: Heather McKinnon’s and Kevin Frye’s takes on reputation management and customer reviews.

Today’s Lowlight: My Blackberry Torch and AT& T’s roaming service, I hate you both. I shouldn’t be so harsh…no it’s ok, I really do hate you.

  • 05/04/12

    Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday Brent. Eat cake! And congrats on Glen's great decision to add another store to Glovebox. Sounds like a very successful conference overall.
  • 30/05/12

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