SHiT iFOUND Episode 2

BY ralph reefke

We have a little tradition here at Dashboard that we lovingly call SHiT iFOUND. Every Friday, we sit around a table with some beers, wine and a bunch of snacks and a member of our team takes everyone through some of the cool shit they found that week. It’s shit that inspires us, shit that makes us laugh, shit that makes us think, shit that’s hot… all that kinda stuff. And we thought we should share it with everyone. So, without further ado, here’s some SHiT weFOUND.

I loves me my iOS apps. It is a bit of an obsession really. One of the funnest apps I picked up recently is called Action Movie FX. It is the first app developed by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Interactive and allows users to layer canned special effects over top of video that they shoot on their iPhones. I like to use it around the office for creating candid clips during internal meetings:

I have been fascinated by the voice over meme for quite some time. The one that first stole my heart was done by DJO (Day Job Orchestra) back in 2009 with a piece called Happy in Paraguay.

They have several great spots but that one still makes laugh so hard that I cry. A more recent one that tickled my fancy was made with some Rick Santorum footage. This one is created by the BLR (Bad Lip Reading) group and the synching is top shelf.

Hands down one of the best youtube videos I saw last year was this trailer for a short by Swedish director Johannes Nyholm. It is called Las Palmas and should been seen by everyone. True story.

The full short can now been seen on Johannes’ Facebook page. I like his use of FB and the DYI approach to monetize his films. I wonder if he gets any money from this stream? He certainly deserves it.

This next video shows that inspiration can be derived from the most ordinary of acts. Go Giorgio!

I have a theory that everybody likes to watch a great dance party. Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong…

Don’t like my selections? I’m fine with that because I’m Not Here to Make Friends!


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  • 26/03/12

    Frank says:

    There's some good shit in here.
  • 30/03/12

    Catherine says:

    Seriously Ralph, I'm not here to make friends with you. Like seriously. ;)