BY Cheryl Munroe

I suppose I can still be classified as the ‘new girl’ at the office given that I’m just shy of the one-month mark since my arrival at Dashboard. Personally, I love the new and mixed energy that comes with this perspective. It’s not often in our adult life that we get a dose of new faces, opportunities and (if you’re lucky) a bucket load of learning all in one shot.

As most people work hard to envision and build a steep and vertical career path, there are those few brave souls that are willing to take a zigzag approach. The zig or the zag can come in the form of a strategic pay cut, a sharp right turn toward a completely new career or by simply bypassing a competitive culture (for those not politically correct, please substitute ‘competitive’ with ‘cut-throat’) to be surrounded by smart, collaborative and solidly good people.  I’ve always admired and even envied these people that see a different approach to getting to an end result, which is why I’ve recently made the decision to go with Option 3: wanting to work for smart, collaborative and solidly good people.

If I remember correctly, the posted job description stated that, “we’re looking for someone that’s been around the block; someone that’s been there and gets it”.  If this alone was the full list of requirements, then I’m already on solid ground. Why you say?

  1. Well, as for the ‘been around the block?’ part.  Exhibit 1: our summer intern was 5 when I started my first job in advertising.
  2. As for someone “that gets it” part?  Please, keep reading…

After being around ‘the block’ in this business for a number of years, ‘getting it’ is the simple act of acknowledging that nothing is really ‘that’ big of a deal and new business may come and go, but the people make the culture.  It’s those salt-of-the-earth type leaders that make you want to work hard, be passionate and deliver something awesome – together.  This all might appear easy on the surface, but it’s been sparse in my career. My mentors have been brilliant, but more importantly – nice.

This new adventure for me was also rooted in expanding my brain, but also to fulfill a desire to be part of a smaller community working toward the same goal. So far, I’m surrounded by people that want to make big things happen not only for themselves, but each other. And while everyone is looking a little weary from Rapture #1, they’re still ponying up to face Rapture #2.

So thanks Dashboardians, for the warm welcome. Your chemistry and humble approach is rare. I look forward to learning from and with you, on my strategic meandering path.

PS – admittedly, your popsicles, beer, veggie burgers, donuts and musical talents are lovely too.


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  • 29/06/11

    Your friend says:

    Very, very nicely said Cheryl. Even though I'm no longer "in" the agency space - I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I helped in some small way to add to your "life experiences" - pushing you just that little bit further around the corner (of the next block).