A Bright Future for ING Direct

BY Sihan Shi & Adam Notzl-Keyser

As most of you are aware, ING DIRECT recently launched a new look and positioning for their brand – restating their role in evolving the way Canadians bank. “Forward banking” represents the innovative products and services that they’ve been known for since they opened their doors in Canada 15 years ago. This rebrand was an exciting, at times challenging, but in the end very rewarding project that a lot of people at Dashboard were proud to work on.

The rebrand was done by a group of agencies working together to make it happen. AmoebaCorp created the bright, vibrant and modern new design and logos, while John St. worked on the impactful anthem piece and two TV commercials, as well as some out of home billboards. At Dashboard, we looked after the digital engagement, including some innovative banner executions that “charged” people fees for using their mouse, touchscreen executions at the cafés, social media pieces, home page takeovers and a 3D image (Magic Eye) maker on Facebook that encouraged people to “see” differently, and to create and share their own 3D image posters.

Before the campaign launched, teasers were put on Facebook that indicated some big news was coming. When the TV spots hit, people loved them, and wanted to hear about the new and exciting products and services coming soon. In the coming months, ING DIRECT will be launching some new and innovative features and products that will further solidify their unique position as truly “forward banking.”

After months of hard work, continuous conversations and a lot of nervous excitement, we are extremely happy to see how everything came together. We’re very proud to have worked on the campaign and can’t wait to tell Canadians about the great things coming from ING DIRECT in the future.

  • 07/05/12

    Mr. Brain says:

    Nice work to all involved. Love the new work.