Winning at Young Lions

BY Ian Flaig & Ted Sczelecki

This year Dashboard had 2 teams enter the Young Lions, one in the print category and one in the digital cyber category. Dashboard took home silver place in the digital category with Ian Flaig as Art Director and Ted Sczelecki as developer.

As with each year the brief is announced 24 hours before the deadline for a not for profit company, this year it was the YMCA. The task was to get more people involved in contributing donations to the YMCA and create general awareness about the organization.

The deliverable asked for was a standard sized Flash leaderboard banner along with a smaller version and a button. Our first instinct was to do some sort of paralax slide scrolling banner because of the size restriction. It stuck, and brainstorming began trying to figure out what would be the best content and copy to fill the area effectively.  In the end we decided to focus on the understated programs and enriching activities that the YMCA offers since, as most people, we typically found ourselves viewing the YMCA as ‘just another gym’. With that in mind we came up with the idea of utilizing the horizontal space to create 3 mini-scenes that the user could scroll through and see for themselves what the YMCA offers. Ted started working immediately on the flash programming and user control system and lan the design assets and layouts.

It took us through the night.  A lot of that time is quite a blur, not from the St Paddy’s day drinks, but the sheer speed with which everything had to get done. At about 3a.m. we had the banners pretty much finished and the tweaks began. We were finally ready at 5:33 a.m. and sent them in three and a half hours early. It was very satisfying getting it all done and being really happy with what we our work. When we got the letter saying we came in second we were both ecstatic, considering we just wanted to have fun with it and make something cool!

In the end the experience was very tiring but very worthwhile. Both Dashboard teams produced exceptional pieces. We looking forward to entering again next year and taking home the gold.

Check out the winning entry below


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  • 09/05/12

    Amanda says:

    I think that the work created by both our Young Lions teams was fantastic and I commend you all for the caliber of work that was produced in a 24-hr period. And an extra shout out to Ian and Ted on their award-winning work. Congrats!