Bowlers off to Winefox

BY julie stolberg

Winefox - Dashboard Digital Agency

Today Dashboard proudly launched the site and let me tell you I’m so pleased they did. This site is a dream to wine lovers like myself. Where else can one be immersed in the wonderful world of wine without a snob in site? Honestly, they’ve opted to leave out the over written, overly complicated reviews and instead have stuck with honest to goodness, tell-it-like it is reviews by some of the industry’s nicest pros – including myself. Rather shocking it took so long, but so jolly right that someone had the bullocks to do it.

Winefox is more than reviews of course. There are fantastic voyages and trips one can take to far off wine regions and local vineyards. There’s pairings and an easy to use wine tasting system, so that all wine fanatics new and old can learn a thingy or two or three. There are gadgets and accessories, tastings and tours, and a wine catalogue so dreamy and diverse, I could get lost in its pages for hours. And will.

But seriously for a chap like me, I am most fond of My Cellar – the online way to curate and catalogue all of the wines I’ve had and wish to have…and trust me there are a lot.

The folks at Dashboard have done a bang up job, working side-by-side with a group of innovators from Torstar. In a rather short span of time, they launched a brand, a site and ahem me, the fox. So, I say we uncork an Amarone Classico and pop open that Gosset Grand Rose Brut that’s been patiently chilling in my refrigerator. A celebration is definitely in order.


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  • 20/06/11

    Susi patterson says:

    This awesome!! Congrats! Off to enjoy a glass of Rose myself :-)
  • 17/09/12

    Yasmani says:

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  • 19/09/12

    Ornellia says:

    I didn't know about the no beer on Sundays law. That does seem a little odd. Someone once tried to exailpn to me that Minnesota beer has less concentrated alcohol, like it's 3.2.1 beer or something. I never did understand it.As for buying liquor in a grocery store, I have to admit, the law seems to be there more to support liquor stores than enforcing public safety. Its also weird how you can set up a liquor store in the same building, but it can't have the same entrance.