New site, New Year.

BY barry hillier

New Site, New Year
Well 2009 has been a challenging year. This is a kind statement at best for most of us. Our industry and the world was turned upside down last year. There was worry, fear, hope and determination. This isn’t the first time that the economy has tanked and it won’t be the last.

For Dashboard, 2009 proved to be a good year. We admit that there were challenges we needed to face and push through, but we survived in the face of industry upheaval. I would even say that we thrived. This is a testament to our team. After all, it isn’t when things are going well that you learn who you can count on, who is dependable, who is determined. It’s when all goes to hell that you realize whether the people around you are solid, stable and dependable. Guess what, I learned how strong our team was at Dashboard during the worst moments. I learned that our team had each other’s back and the back of each of our clients. I’m proud to work with this crew, each and every one of them.

What better way to start 2010, then coming off 2009 with a solid, dependable and talented team with killer work developed over the past year. Now it’s a new year and a fresh start. I think this is why I’m glad that our office and our website have had a whole new refresh. We are looking forward to 2010 and all of the exciting possibilities and new opportunities to do great work as a team. While you may not know our team yet, you will get a chance in our site to see what we do and what we have done. I thank our team and our clients for 2009. Without them, we would be nowhere. While 2009 was challenging, the work and the experience of working with this group of professionals has been inspiring and rewarding at the same time. To our old friends and friends to come in 2010, we wish you a happy and rewarding new year.


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  • 17/09/12

    Thang says:

    I have a comment which is not retaled to Buzz but to the calendar. I had a try in the calendar help forum but unfortunately I did not get a response from Google. Perhaps you can help. Here is my message:I shared my primary calendar with some people. Now I do not want to share the calendar anymore. I was able to delete some of the people but two remained and ARE NOT DELETABLE! THEY ALWAYS REAPPEAR! What can I do to get rid of those two?Update:So far I didn't get a reply. Every day I try to delete those two mentioned people but their eMail-addresses always reappear. I wonder, when I will get a response or when I will be able to delete these contacts.8/24/09