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BY aniesha mohammed

Let me say outright that I’m not a big Fashionista. I lie about loving shoes – while I may order a ton online and get them ordered to the office it’s really not my thing. I do it because then I don’t have to deal with some random person trying to touch my feet. TMI.

But I do like style. And however you want to rock your own personal style gets complete kudos from me. We are not a fashion show agency. Our ladies like our flats, the guys’ shoes here click more than ours ;)

As I sifted through the online look books coming out for summer flooded with awesome accessories and the must haves for this year, I realized Dashboarder’s do have SOME style – we really do! Or try to anyways.

Here are some of our favourite trends and accessories:


Check out the gang proudly wearing their matching frocks. This seems to be the jacket for spring transition into summer. Nice in the cool mornings and for hanging out at the patio after work. Lots of pockets necessary for all of those digital accessories. It’s all combat.


I’ve put this on here, and while this accessory doesn’t get a ton of wear. I want to see it come out more often. Good for those Dashboard and Client parties. Super cute.


Old buildings are either cold or hot. Every lady has a couple of wraps or scarves at their desk. Easy, stylish and keeps us cuddly.


Like I said, we’re not about the heels. We constantly run around and comfort is key. Flats can be stylish too, paired with the right outfit.


The sweater vest was essentially the account team uniform. Unfortunately we all showed up to a pitch wearing the exact same sweater vest so I think we’ve all avoided it for awhile. Cardigans are now the go-to, especially for our dandy model.


This should be at the top of the list. Plaid is everywhere… shirts, shoes and hats. It’s an oldie but a true goodie. Enough said.


Tights are not pants – true. There is a lot of controversy as to whether tights are suitable office attire. At Dashboard tights are totally acceptable. Super comfy and mega stylish when paired with the right top.


This is the all-nighter go to wear. Especially when you’re in the office late, eating pizza and pistachios while cracking on some serious code. Comfort is key and velour just feels nice.


We all don’t wear black. Pops of colour are always a nice refreshing summer look at the office. The key to sporting the crazy colours is to have fun with it – and match it with nice office neutrals.


I never said we had good hair. But the hats are pretty cool. Like the army jacket, this accessory is a must have – for all seasons.

So what’s your favourite office wear? Are you more buttoned up, or do you look more like our Dashboarders? Drop us a comment and let us know.


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  • 08/06/11

    Heidi says:

    Way to get your fash on, Dashboarders. Although you all look beautiful, everyone knows what your most important accessory is. I think the adorable and spunky orphan girls from Annie said it best when they belted out, "'s what you wear from ear to ear to ear, and not from head to toe that ma-aa-aa-ters..." And y'all always wear it well. Thanks for the entertaining post.
  • 08/06/11

    Adam says:

    All I have to say Franz in that Bow Tie is a sexy beast.
  • 08/06/11

    Lee says:

    I love all the Dash-Fash!! Fantastic post Aniesha, way to go.
  • 08/06/11

    Chris says:

    The plaid shoes are clearly the best thing I have ever seen.
  • 08/06/11

    Cheryl says:

    time to get rid of my clicky shoes and settle in and get comfortable in flats. god bless you, aniesha & dashboard.
  • 08/06/11

    Dashboard says:

    @Chris I think the Velour trumps it.