Dashboard Gets Its Grill On

BY Mitchell Honok

This past Wednesday, the Dashboard team had the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful weather Toronto has been experiencing lately with a delicious BBQ lunch – jealous?  There’s nothing like an outdoor BBQ in the heat to bring in the spring/summer, especially when it’s at work!  We were treated to plenty of burgers, sausages, salads, beverages, snacks and ICE CREAM (I LOVE ice cream …), and our taste buds were extremely grateful!

We had our first BBQ last year around the same time, so it looks like this is becoming an annual event (I’m vying to make it monthly).  It’s a great opportunity to take a break and relax over a hearty meal, which is why it’s no surprise that everyone here really enjoys it.  We are a family here at Dashboard and this was our family meal.  It’s experiences like these (among many others) that make me proud to work for an agency that cares and looks out for their staff.

So on behalf of everybody that works here, I’d like to say… THANK YOU DASHBOARD!


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  • 08/07/12

    Raj says:

    MANY THANKS to all the players, patenrs, and volunteers who came and gave of their time, their bbq-ing skills and their baking skills over the past two weekends!! A special huge Condors thank-you to Mary-Jo Arpin and Dianne Buiting-Allen for all their work in getting these events organized and for running them so smoothly!We made over $1400 WAY TO GO!!Stay tuned for the next Condors fundraising event!Remember you can always order clothing, hats and other apparel items to support the team as well!